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What Makes Laser Engraved T-Shirts Different

Roughly 62% of Americans say they have more than ten different T-shirts in their wardrobe. That amounts to about 1.5 billion T-shirts. With such popularity, it’s no wonder that businesses use embroidered T-shirts, heat pressed T-shirts, and other custom shirts to promote themselves.

But that level of popularity also introduces a problem: with so many custom designed tee shirts in people’s closets, how do you make yours stand out?

That’s where laser engraved T-shirts come in. While embroidered hats and screen printed T-shirts are fairly common, laser engraving on fabric is a technology that hasn’t been widely available for as long and produces some incredible results.

To learn more about the advantages of laser engraved T-shirts and what makes them different from traditional screen printed shirts, keep reading.

About Laser Engraved T-Shirts

Laser engraving is one of the most prominent applications for laser processing technology. It’s used by shops and companies everywhere to easily create custom-branded merchandise, but many people don’t know that laser engraving on fabric possible.

Laser engraving involves a high-density beam which irradiates the object being engraved, essentially burning away a portion of the material. The mark that’s left afterward is the engraving.

The following are some advantages of laser engraving on fabric:

  1. The laser beam is tiny — small enough to leave marks and impressions with incredible precision, and delicate enough to alter the fabric’s appearance without causing any damage.
  2. Because it isn’t a physical tool, the laser can make the engraving without causing any physical stress to the fabric that such alterations would normally cause.
  3. Thanks to their high precision, laser engraving tools can create virtually any design, at practically any size, with perfect accuracy. Any words, symbols, patterns, or other imagery you could want to use is possible on laser engraved T-shirts.
  4. Because laser engraving is a highly automatic process performed by a computer, cost of labor is low compared to other forms of manufacturing and printing.
  5. Laser engraving is fairly new to the industry, and not as common as embroidery and screen printing. This means that your T-shirt designs may have a better chance of standing out when you use laser engraving.

About Screen Printed T-Shirts

Just because it’s more common doesn’t mean it’s bad. Screen printing is common for a reason: it allows for a wide range of designs using different colors and styles. Even though laser engraving looks sophisticated and unique, it doesn’t allow for brightly-colored graphics like screen printing does.

The following are some advantages unique to screen printing:

  1. Screen printing allows for flexible and creative use of colors. You can even print white onto a black surface, or black onto a white surface, and have it turn out looking beautiful.
  2. Screen printing on T-shirts is very soft, so it doesn’t put much pressure on the printed surface. This helps avoid placing stress on the fabric before it goes to the customer, giving the shirt a better chance at a long lifespan with its wearer.
  3. There are many different kinds of inks that can be used for screen printing. This allows for a wide range of flexibility and customizability.
  4. Screen printed T-shirts can last a very long time without their inks fading or changing color. Even temperature and daylight have a minimal effect on screen printing, even though they can wreak havoc on photographs and other printed works.
  5. Finally, screen printing is an easy skill to learn, and the equipment required to do it is cheaper than that needed for laser engraving. However, it does typically involve more human involvement than laser printing does, so cost of labor could be higher.

As you can see, both screen printing and laser engraving are wonderful options for your custom T-shirts. It all depends on what kind of impact you desire to make with your branded merchandise, and whether or not you need vibrant colors in your designs.

For a unique, fresh, and modern-looking appearance, laser printed T-shirts are a very exciting option. For warmer, more traditional designs with lots of strong colors, screen printed T-shirts may be your best choice. You may also find that embroidered T-shirts work best for your promotional efforts.

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