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The Ultimate Guide to Screen Printed T-Shirts

Putting your brand out there is definitely an uphill task. How do you get it to stick in the minds of your clients? Custom design t-shirts sound like the perfect answer. Who doesn’t have a couple of t-shirts in their wardrobe anyway?

However, for the trick to work, your custom designed tee shirts must be appealing, which is why you need the perfect screen printed t-shirt.

Types of Screen Printing

Screen printing can be of two kinds. Spot color printing and four color process printing. Spot colors are ideal for regular printing where specific colors are needed, for instance, red. On the other hand, four-color process printing is used in instances where an image or photograph is required.

Is it Worth Your Money?

As a business person, you don’t want to invest in something that has no benefits. However, screen printing is not one of those. It is worth every single penny. Here are some of the benefits.

1. Authenticity

There is no restriction when it comes to the designs going on your screen printed t-shirt — you are the boss. Therefore, you have a chance to put your message across to your consumers with originality. As long as you get the right people to do the job, you will be impressed by the results.

2. Durability and Resilience

You don’t want people to forget your brand. This means that you need to directly invest in a garment screen printed t-shirt that will never fade. After all, something out of sight could be out of mind. When screen printing is done correctly, neither will it fade nor flake over time.

3. You Don’t Break Your Bank

Who hates getting more for less? Screen printing is quite inexpensive, considering the impact. However, be careful not to compromise quality for fair pricing.

What Goes On?

Screen printing is not as difficult as it may sound to some people. Here is everything that goes on, step by step, from start to finish.

1. Assembling the Tools

Getting your supplies in order is the first step to making a screen printed t-shirt. Some of the things needed include a screen and a frame, cardboard that can fit in your t-shirt, and the t-shirt itself. It would help if you also had other things like latex gloves, photo emulsion and sensitizer, and a bulb.

2. Picking the Image

This is where you need to be most creative. Choosing a picture with little to no thin lines will make the instant shirt printing easier.

Once you are sure with the image you want, it is printed out onto transparency paper.

3. Coating the Screen in Emulsion

At this stage, both the emulsion and the sensitizer are mixed as per instructions on the bottle. The screen is then laid down on garbage paper, followed by the mixture being poured onto it. A squeegee is used to spread it out evenly, covering a slightly larger area than the image.

Ensure that you can’t see through the screen and then leave it in a pitch-black room for around two hours.

4. Exposing the Image on the Screen

At this stage, you will use the bulb to expose the image. Make sure that the bulb is at least one foot above the screen. The trick is to not overexpose the image since it could lead to bleeding.

5. Cleaning the Screen

For this step, use a hose, sink, or even a showerhead. A section of the screen with the image will start to flake off. Next, clean the screen until it looks exactly like the transparency. It will then be left up to dry. Any areas of the screen with no emulsion are covered with tape.

6. Printing

Printing is the peak of the entire process. The square cardboard is stuffed into the t-shirt underneath the area of interest. The screen is then laid over, followed by ink. Once again, the squeegee is used to exert some pressure.

Once the ink is dried up, it is necessary to clean up the screen. In case a different image is required, an emulsion remover is used.

To Use Screen Printing or Not?

A Screen printed t-shirt is never a bad idea. You can get them for your staff members or even as promotional merchandise. Get the right company with the right machines to do the job with precision.

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