Heat Pressed T-Shirt

The Endless Possibilities of a Heat Pressed T-Shirt

Do you have a great idea for a t-shirt design? Maybe you promised the family 25 matching shirts for your next reunion. Maybe you simply want a one-of-a-kind item for your closet to show off to your friends. Or maybe you recently started a business – merch is a great way to gain an additional revenue stream!

That’s where we come in. At Instant Tee Shirt Company, we offer a wide variety of services so you can bring exactly what you have in mind to life. One popular option is the heat pressed t-shirt. 

Here’s How it Works

A machine called a press is used to apply heat and pressure to a material, such as vinyl. This material contains a heat-activated adhesive on one side, which is then pressed against the fabric you want to embellish. The combination of heat and pressure leads to a completely permanent design!

While you may be thinking this process sounds similar to that of storebought iron-ons, it’s not quite the same. Although it’s true it can be done from home, iron-on will not produce the lasting, professional results of heat pressing.

Heat Pressed T-Shirts for Businesses

T-shirts are one of the most commonly worn clothing items in the world; there’s a good chance you’re wearing one as we speak! In fact, a study conducted by Sandra Roos suggests that the average person wears t-shirts 200 times a year. Considering there are over 328 million people in the United States alone, that’s a lot of shirts.

Tap into this massively popular market by producing custom t-shirts with your company’s logo! Along with the revenue from the shirts alone, an eye-catching design can essentially be used as a walking billboard, driving new customers to your business as people are seen wearing them.

Oh, the Choices You’ll Have!

Whether you’re a business owner or an individual looking for some awesome new duds, with heat pressed t-shirts, you have the ability to create virtually any design and placement you can think of. 

Materials used in heat pressing come in practically every color you can imagine and can be puffy, metallic, distressed, fluorescent – you can even simulate liquid with gels to achieve that perfect splatter effect. 

Want a glow-in-the-dark design? Sure. Glitter? You got it. Do you dream of shirts emblazoned with dozens of shiny, foiled unicorns? It’s yours. Any type of flair you’d like is right at your fingertips.

The Next Step

So now you’re informed about the process behind heat pressed t-shirts and the infinite possibilities awaiting you with them.

If you’re ready to make your t-shirt dreams a reality or would like more information about our other services, such as embroidery or laser engraving, we’re here to help! Don’t hesitate to contact us for any of your design needs.

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