Sweet Logo! But Will it Work for Embroidered Tee Shirts?

So, your graphic designer came up with a stunning logo for your company, and you’re looking to use it on a custom designed tee shirt. Sounds simple, right?

Even if your logo turns out to be as iconic as your favorite fruit-shaped computer logo, your logo may not work in all applications. That’s especially true if you want to translate that beautiful logo onto embroidered tee shirts.

Approximately 62% of Americans say they own more than 10 tee shirts, which means there are roughly 1.5 billion tee shirts in American wardrobes. Any flaw in your logo design process will likely mean your employees, or whoever you want to wear your custom designed tee shirts, will leave them in their closets.

Having an awesome logo is a good start. But just because it looks good on the screen doesn’t necessarily mean it will look good in stitches.

Here are some pointers on how to put that sweet logo design on embroidered t-shirts:

Make Sure the Graphic is Up to Snuff

The printing company will enlarge your logo when you send them the graphic file, so make sure the file that you send is large and high resolution. If the file is too small, the logo will become pixelated when it’s enlarged. That basically means, well, it won’t look that great on the custom designed tee shirts.

Many printing companies will ask for a graphics file of 2,000 pixels by 1,800 pixels in size and a resolution of 300 dpi (which means dots per inch).

Don’t Use Gradient Details

Gradients are colors that fade into each other, and it usually looks pretty cool on the computer screen. But gradients don’t translate well on embroidered tee shirt designs. Gradient designs can still usually be done, but solid shapes and colors will look much better on your custom designed tee shirts.

Keep Text Size a Bit Larger

Some logos incorporate text, like the company name, and you’ll want to make sure the text size isn’t too small. For one thing, people will need to be able to read it from a distance. Also, if the text size is too small, it can come up looking stitched together and confusing on the embroidered t-shirt design.

Pro tip: Keep your text at least 0.25 inches tall for it to be readable, though you can ask the printing company for specifics.

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