The Perfect Tee Shirt Starts with Us!

At Austin Instant Tee, we believe that having options is a very good thing – that’s why we offer several methods of printing custom tees. From traditional screen printing to newer technology such as laser engraving, we can determine which method would be best for your particular project based on your needs.

Among all the services we offer, our favorite is making you look great with custom designed tee shirts that you will be thrilled with. Whether you already have an idea of what you want or don’t have a clue – our team is here to help. We love to create and are happy to guide you through every step of the process. Feel free to reach out to us anytime to discuss what direct to garment printing methods work best for your project and how we can create great tees together!


Screen Printing

Screen printing is a classic tee shirt printing method that produces consistently great results. Most of the shirts we create are done using this method, therefore we have it down to a science.
Once your masterpiece is ready to print, we meticulously create screens (or stencils) for each color. Each is applied separately – one layer at a time – to ensure that your design will print flawlessly.

Even though screen printed tee shirts take a little more time and materials than other methods, it is worth the amazing end result of a bright, vibrant, awesome tee!


(Direct to Garment)

This process involves the direct application of ink onto your custom shirt with inkjet technology. It is similar to printing on paper, except a special printer with water-based inks are used. The ink is then absorbed by the fibers of the tee.

DTG is a highly precise technology which allows for extremely detailed designs to come to life on your tee. There is no limit other than your imagination – any color/any design is possible. DTG is the ultimate in tee customization!


Heat Pressed T-Shirts

Heat pressed tee shirts are a tried and true printing method, using a special tool which works much like an iron, except it is much more consistent with heat and with pressure.

This process requires you to create a transfer (or use a pre-made one) which are made from different sources including inkjet and laser printed transfers printed on paper. Which method is uses is determined by the color of your shirt, as some transfers methods tend to work better with white/light shirts and some work best with darker colors.

Heat press delivers great tees – and it’s a fantastic way to get your eye catching design onto a custom tee!



Embroidery is a method of customizing tees that has been around for a long time but it has a highly professional look that makes it timeless.

This method gives you the option of printing using a digitized logo, plain text, or text on a name badge. It is a popular choice for company apparel such as polos, but it can also be done on tees.

Embroidered shirts will make your company or organization shine with a great look that you and your staff will want to proudly wear.


Laser Engraving

Fabric is quickly becoming a popular material for engraving, and tees are a great way to show off what kind of creativity this technology is capable of.

Using lasers along with synthetic and natural fibers, your design is applied to your tee with precision to ensure the vision for your design is perfectly captured. Using high and low power, you can also do engraving that has contrast, which is a great way to further enhance your custom design.