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Our Best Tips for Printing Custom Design T-Shirts

What’s the Occasion?

No matter how fashion changes in general, t-shirts will always be in. There are around 2 billion t-shirts sold each year throughout the world. T-shirts can be used as a way to help gain brand recognition or they might be a way to help remember a special family reunion. However you decide to use your custom design t-shirts, there are some general rules you should follow to get the top quality designs you are looking for.

Pro Tips for the Perfect Custom Design T-shirts

Though designing a perfect pressed t-shirt might seem simple, there are many steps to consider both in relation to the design and in relation to the type of print and quality of material used. Getting a final product to come out as a high quality t-shirt that everyone wants to wear can take time, but it is well worth the effort. The more people are wearing your swag, the more free promotion your business gets.

Explore the Concept Design Fully: Having an awesome design in your mind for some custom design t-shirts is great, however translating that image in your head to a shirt can be tricky. Draw or sketch out the design a few times on paper to start visualizing what a printed tee shirt will look like. Consider that the print will look slightly different on a tee shirt because the shirt will be worn by a person, which will give it a certain shape. Once you have sketched out a few designs, choose the one you like best and have a mock up printed. There are many instant shirt printing services that can quickly get you a single mock up. Though it may cost a little bit extra, having a mock up printed is much better than printing an entire batch only to realize you dislike something about the design.

Keep it Simple (usually): Space on custom design t-shirts is a bit limited. Be sure to keep the theme relatively simple and easy to see, read, and remember. Though there are a few exceptions to this rule, for most designs, simplicity is king. Having a simple design can enhance the look of your heat pressed t-shirt by getting people to focus on the most important aspects (for example remembering your company name, or logo).

Consider Colors Carefully: The color scheme you choose for your t-shirt needs to be carefully considered. Printing something on paper and a screen printed t-shirt are two very different things. Colors printed on t-shirts will be printed on top of the color of the fabric itself, whether that is black, grey, white, or some other color. Keep this in mind as you are choosing from a color palette. Color is another reason why you should consider printing a single tee shirt for a quality check before getting an entire batch done.

What Type of Printing Should I Choose?

There are so many different types of printing today. Screen printed tee shirt, heat pressed tee shirt, instant print t shirts, and even embroidered tee shirts are all laid before you as options. While some are pretty obvious when to use (such as embroidered), landing the perfect custom design t-shirts can sometimes feel overwhelming if you aren’t sure what type of printing is best for you.

Screen Printing: Screen printing is generally used for a high quality mass production t-shirt. It gives you the ability to print a large number of t-shirts very quickly and at an affordable price. One of the biggest advantages of screen printing is that it allows the perfect replica of your design to be printed on each shirt. This is typically a high quality print that people love wearing.

Heat Printing: This style of printing is great for lower quantity orders of t-shirts. If you are looking for custom design t-shirts for a small family gathering or if you have a new start up company, heat printing is the way to go. Heat printing is also great for extremely complex designs, although it doesn’t work great on dark fabrics. So if you are looking to print on a black printed tee shirt, consider another method.

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