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How to Use Branded Items in Your Business Brand Promotions

Adding embroidery to the uniform of your brand makes your brand look sophisticated and established. Embroidery adds a charm to your artwork and it looks good on all apparel and accessories. Items such as custom design t-shirts and embroidered hats are common in the promotional circuits. Your recipients will find the items useful as both a daily item and a style statement. According to research, 85% of consumers said they remembered an advertiser who gave them a t-shirt or a hat.

Using embroidered promotional items is thus crucial for your brand. Here are ways to use embroidered items in your brand promotion.

  1. Team spirit items: Embroidered hats and instant print t-shirts are excellent team spirit items. You can print your team mascot or tagline on the items that make a perfect hand-out for your team and supporters. Wearing the same item makes the team feel closer and easily helps them identify with the team spirit while spreading it to others.
  2. Fundraising items: Some of the best fundraising items are those that sell off easily and keep you visible after the fundraising is over. Direct to garment printing on hats and t-shirts is a perfect production tactic for this role. Whether you are a non-profit organization, charity institution, or school, you can put your logo on the cap or t-shirt and sell it to raise funds.
  3. Holiday gifts: If your business is looking for the perfect holiday gift during the summer, embroidered hats and shirts are the right choices. They not only look professional but are also casual to wear when going to the mall or running errands. Every time your recipient wears your laser engraved t-shirt to a pool party, family reunion or get together, your brand will get a lot of attention. That means free advertising for you.
  4. Make it more personal: Do you know the name of your customers and partners? You can make it personal by embroidering their name on a t-shirt. This is a great customer service hack as well as a great way to make a first impression on a customer or investor you are trying to impress. It looks good, clean, and respectable.
  5. They are flexible: A lot of people think that custom embroidery will restrict them from using certain material. But this is not true. When using custom embroidery, you can choose between cotton, denim, fleece sweatshirts, track jackets, aprons, and even hats. What you should keep in mind is which types of material work best with which types of embroidery. An expert will easily tell you the right ones to use.

Whether you want to use laser engraved t-shirts or embroidered hats, the promotional items you choose for your company should reflect your company spirit and be customized to fit your recipient. 71.7% of trade show attendees remembered the company that gave them a promotional product. This is a huge number that you should take advantage of by using more branded items in your promotions.

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