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Hats Off to You! Here’s Why Your Business Should Consider Embroidered Hats

Advertising your business isn’t just about posting your brand all over social media, or plastering your name on printed ads across the city. Another excellent way to market your business is through embroidered hats.

You can use hats in a number of ways to promote your business not only in the short term but through long-term campaigns as well.

Take a look at how purchasing embroidered hats can boost your brand’s presence in your city.

Excellent Promotional Idea

If you go out and purchase 100 hats with your company’s name or logo on them, how much free advertising can that turn into? You can reach out to a number of businesses and offer a handful of hats that can be used in a variety of ways.

They can be used as gifts for the holidays, or strategically placed in offices where a potential client may ask for the contact information of the company giving out this cool swag.

The hats can also be used in a viral social media post if you come up with a clever marketing campaign so don’t think their uses are limited to how many times people put them on their head (Reach out to someone on our team to discuss different embroidery options).

Team Building

Embroidered hats can also grow the camaraderie of your team. If you don’t want to use them for a specific promotion, variations of the embroidered hat can be given to each employee on your staff.

This will not only allow them to promote your business through word of mouth, but it will also give them a sense of belonging and appreciation from leaders of your team.

Coming up with a funny hat contest can boost the morale of your team members and showcase an excellent environment they won’t stop raving about.

Professional Looking Employees

Can you make the embroidered hat a part of the uniform? Of course you can! The custom embroidery can also be used by your team members to show off their personality.

Some hotel chains allow it’s property team members to decorate their name tags or welcome signs, giving them a unique atmosphere from other similar properties.

Your business can stand out the same way with custom hats. A customer walking in may see that you are part of a chain initially, but can quickly realize that there is something cooler about your business.

So adding the embroidered hat to the uniform is a surefire way to distinguish yourself from the common competition.

Are You Ready to Order Some Embroidered Hats?

Is it time for your business to pick up some embroidered hats? Do you want to throw them out to people as part of a free promotional stunt? Or simply use them to give your brand a unique style that your competitors aren’t ready for?

Drop us a line below and don’t forget to place your first order!

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