Everything You Need to Know About Instant Shirt Printing Options

With customizable t-shirts and other apparel becoming more accessible to create, it’s likely that you have seen brands hand out custom clothing recently. Customizable instant shirt printing can give you a huge marketing advantage by helping keep your brand in the mind of potential costumers. In fact, Identity Works reports that about 70% of trade show attendees who received a promotional product remembered the name of the company that gave them the product.

It’s clear that custom products can be a monumental tool in your marketing strategy, but it can be difficult to decide which creation method to use. If you’ve been curious about designing branded clothing, check out these three options to help you decide on which instant shirt printing route to take.

1. Printing

Custom printing is the method most people think about when they decide they are ready to design a t-shirt, but many creators may be surprised to learn that they have more than one printing option. The most common printing options are:

Screen Printed
Screen printing is the traditional method artists use to create their custom clothing. A screen printed t-shirt works best on darker shirts since it can help a vibrant design pop. This is because each layer of color in the design is added on individually.

Heat Pressed
The heat press method is perfect for anyone who loves making things with their hands. This method involves using a large iron-like machine to press a pre-made design directly onto a t-shirt. It can be tricky since the transfer method you’ll need to use will depend on the color of clothing you’re designing, but any professional should easily be able to help you out. Relying on a professional is the best move when you want quality t-shirts.

Direct to Garment
The direct to garment printing method is your best choice if your design is highly detailed. The process is similar to a piece of paper being printed and has no limit on how many colors you can use in a design.

2. Laser Engraving

Thanks to innovations made in the fashion industry, engraving fabrics has become possible. The process involves using lasers, natural and synthetic fibers, and varying amounts of power to bring your design to life. This stylish new technique is sure to make a memorable impression on anyone who sees it.

3. Embroidering

Embroidered t-shirts are upscale and give a classic look to your design. This is the number one choice for designs made to be worn by a team or in a professional setting, and it pairs well with matching embroidered hats.

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Instant shirt printing can seem daunting to a novice designer because of the various methods you have to choose from. Thankfully, you can always ask a professional printer for advice if you are not sure which method is right for your design.

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