Embroidered vs Printed: Which is Better for Your T Shirt Design?

Do you ever go t-shirt shopping only to end up disappointed?

There’s nothing worse than struggling through the crowded stores at the mall for that perfect t-shirt and then leaving empty-handed. Might as well make your own t-shirt, right?

Well, turns out that’s not a bad idea. In fact, the customized t-shirt printing industry is about to rake in $10 billion.

There’s a reason for that. When you can customize your t-shirt, you’ll have total control of the design. That means you can skip the crowds at the mall and end up with exactly what you want out of a t-shirt.

So don’t get tee’d off with t-shirts any longer. Read on to learn more about embroidered vs. printed t-shirt designs, and find out which one is best for you.

Embroidered Designs

Embroidery makes any logo look clean and professional. How? Because embroidered designs are created by sewing thread right into the fabric.

Embroidered logos are carefully stitched on a garment with machines that use 15 needles per sewing head. That’s a lot of thread! But there’s a reason for that.

The professional look of embroidery is attributed to the 3D effect of the stitches that use all of that thread. That’s why you see a lot of embroidered designs on polos or button-down shirts. However, you’ll notice those designs are smaller and more discrete.

Why is that? Well, for one main reason. Cost.

Embroidering a large and colorful design is more costly due to the number of stitches needed to cover the area and create that 3D look. And that means more thread is used up as well.

The Stitch Sitch

For a professional and 3D look, choose embroidery. Just make sure your design is over a small area.

But if you’re looking to cover more of the t-shirt with your customized design, consider printing.

Printed Designs

If you’re familiar with how a paper printer works, then you’re also familiar with how screen-printed t-shirts are created. But if not, today is your lucky day. Here’s how screen printing works.

Screen printing involves laying stencils one at a time over the shirt to create the desired design. Each screen accounts for a different color. So unlike embroidery where several colors of thread are used all at once, screen printing takes a little more time.

But there’s a catch. Screen printing may take more time, but there’s more freedom when it comes to design choices. How is that?

When a design is printed, it’s more detailed. Embroidered designs are limited to one color layer. The opposite is true for printed designs.

Like a computer printer, colors are layered on top of each other. So, the colors can look more vibrant or, well, colorful depending on the design you’re going for.

And the best part? Screen printed designs look fantastic over a large area. Screen printing keeps the fabric of your t-shirt light, so it won’t get weighed down with a 3D design, unlike the embroidery method.

The Stitch Sitch

Printed designs offer more design freedom than embroidered designs. For larger and more colorful projects, choose the screen-printed method.

Sew What?

T-shirts are a classic and casual option when it comes to fashion. But by customizing your T-Shirt with an embroidered or printed design, you can have something that’ll stand out from the crowd. Plus, you’ll avoid the mall crowd (meaning 75% of people in general).

Now that you know which t-shirt printing technique is best for your design, you can get out there and rock a customized shirt that will look better than the rest!

So what are you waiting for? Contact us to get started on creating your T-shirts today!

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