Choosing a Brand Name — How to Pick the Best One

Did you know that, according to Identity Works, approximately 92% of consumers who are given a promotional product keep it if the product is useful?

This means that getting embroidered hats or custom designed tee shirts from Austin Instant Tee and their Allmade products is a smart move for your business. Lots of companies and organizations utilize practical, useful merchandise, like screen printed tee shirts, to promote their brand.

If you’re just getting started with your brand or business, however, you may not be ready to think about direct to garment printing or laser engraved tee shirts. You may still be trying to figure out what your brand name should be. In this article, we’ll discuss the different factors that come into play when you’re planning and selecting a name for your brand so you can get those Allmade tee shirts printed!

What’s in a Name

The first step to deciding what your brand name should be is to think about what your brand represents. The name of your brand is more than something to slap onto an Allmade tee shirt — it’s an extension of your company’s goals and what you do for your customers. A good name can reinforce the value your business provides while a bad name — mostly those that are vague or unspecific — can distance you from your goals.

When you’re working on a name for your brand, product, or service, you have a few tried-and-true ideas to choose from. You can use the name of the founder or creator (like Dell Computers); you can use the name to describe what you do (YouTube); you can describe an image or experience that you want to associate with your brand (Sprint); you can use a word out of context (Peachpit Press); or you can make up your own word (Verizon).

Whichever you choose will depend on the general feel you want people to experience and remember when they interact with your brand. Whether you choose a name that describes exactly what you do, or you use a word that wouldn’t normally be associated with your service itself, the name has to somehow suggest or invoke the image, feeling, or idea your customers get from interacting with it.

In many cases, your brand’s name with be the very first interaction people have with your business (such as when they see it on Allmade custom designed tee shirts). What will their reaction to the name itself be? What would you like their initial reaction to be?

Keeping the Web in Mind

When choosing a brand name, it isn’t enough to find something that sounds cool. You’ll also need to check for available URLs (website addresses) that include your preferred brand name.

Unfortunately, for many brands, not just any name will do. Even if you have a really good brand name, chances are you won’t want to use it if the website address for it is already taken by someone else.

You’ll also want to look for other established brands and businesses that happen to have the same brand name as the one you’ve chosen. If they offer the same services you do, you will not want to use a name that’s too similar to theirs. If the name you want is already trademarked by someone else, you definitely can’t use it, or you could end up in serious legal trouble.

Choosing a brand name and URL will depend largely upon your plans for internet marketing. A food truck might depend more on passers-by and word-of-mouth for their marketing, and might not need a fancy website at all. A digital-only business, on the other hand, will be relying almost entirely on internet marketing.

The Benefits of Choosing the Right Name

This is the ideal case scenario for your brand name: if you choose the name that fits your company best, that name alone will inspire interest in people who hear it or read it for the first time. It will convey a sense of authority, positioning your brand as an innovator and leader in its field. Though only a word or two long (four words at the longest), it promotes and reinforces the value and importance of your services or products.

A good name will indicate the culture and “look-and-feel” of a business or cause. It causes the brand to stand apart from others in its industry while being specific about what its primary function is.

When you choose a great name, don’t hesitate to contact Austin Instant Tee for the best company products and Allmade tee shirts around.

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