5 Tips for Designing Custom Banners

Over 71% of trade show attendees tend to remember the name of a business that gave them custom designed tee shirts, embroidered hats, or another form of promotional merchandise. But before you can give away those screen printed tee shirts,

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3 Types Of Custom Designed Shirts And Which Is Best For Your Company

Most people enjoy getting merchandise from brands they love, and that includes promotional merchandise designed to sell the brand. In fact, consumers remember businesses who gave them a shirt or a hat about 85% of the time. That’s a lot

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An Easy Guide to Choosing the Right Instant Shirt Printing Company

Statistics show that in a year, approximately two billion t-shirts are purchased globally. People love t-shirts. From their comfort to their simplicity and ease in pairing with jeans or shorts, t-shirts are simply loveable. If you are one of those

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custom printed banners

Advantages Of Using Custom Printed Banners

Before digital printing took shape, banners had to use block letters and clip art graphics. Although it’s not the best attention-grabbing strategy, it worked. Today, custom banners look incredible and continue to be one of the best ways to promote

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Sweet Logo! But Will it Work for Embroidered Tee Shirts?

So, your graphic designer came up with a stunning logo for your company, and you’re looking to use it on a custom designed tee shirt. Sounds simple, right? Even if your logo turns out to be as iconic as your

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Choosing a Brand Name — How to Pick the Best One

Did you know that, according to Identity Works, approximately 92% of consumers who are given a promotional product keep it if the product is useful? This means that getting embroidered hats or custom designed tee shirts from Austin Instant Tee

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embroidered t-shirt design

How to Design Your Own T-Shirt

Research has shown that 85% of consumers will remember advertisers who give them a shirt or hat. Direct to garment printing allows you to create practical, comfortable T-shirts with a fun and stylish embroidered T-shirt design. This can be good

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embroidered hats

How to Use Branded Items in Your Business Brand Promotions

Adding embroidery to the uniform of your brand makes your brand look sophisticated and established. Embroidery adds a charm to your artwork and it looks good on all apparel and accessories. Items such as custom design t-shirts and embroidered hats

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direct to garment printing

Best Events To Make Custom Shirts For

Chances are, if you go into your closet right now, you will find some sort of custom made T-Shirt. It is a fairly popular trend that has been going on for a while now. Also, Americans love the comfort of

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custom design t-shirts

Our Best Tips for Printing Custom Design T-Shirts

What’s the Occasion? No matter how fashion changes in general, t-shirts will always be in. There are around 2 billion t-shirts sold each year throughout the world. T-shirts can be used as a way to help gain brand recognition or

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embroidered hats

Rad As A Hatter: A Guide To Different Types Of Embroidered Hats

You probably know by now that custom products are great for internal and promotional uses. In fact, Identity Works found that about 92% of consumers hold on to a promotional product because it’s useful. Embroidered hats are one of the

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laser engraved t-shirt

5 Occasions That Can Benefit From Custom Design T-Shirts

While almost any occasion would be made better with laser engraved t-shirts, there are a select few events that can go beyond attendees’ expectations with the addition of this small detail. After all, custom design t-shirts can feature nearly any

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5 Reasons Why Your Band Needs A Screen Printed Tee Shirt

Did you know the music merchandise industry is worth over $3 billion? Whether it be apparel, posters, or limited edition vinyl pressings, your fans will want merchandise. Having trendy and high-quality items for sale is part of the secret to

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Marketing 101: Custom Designed Banner And Instant Shirt Printing

How can your business stay top of mind with your customers and potential customers? In the marketing world, digital marketing has taken center stage. What that has some value, you don’t want to forget about a custom banner and t-shirts

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Bang On-Trend: 2019’s Top T-Shirt Trends to Keep an Eye On

Been there, done that, got the t-shirt? Not so fast. If you want to look sharp this year, you literally have a vested interest in being across the top t-shirt trends. Clothes maketh the man (or woman), the old saying goes,

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Screen Printing Vs. Digital Printing: Is a Screen Printed T-Shirt Better Quality?

Did you know that about 4 out of 5 small business owners find professional printing helpful in standing out in the market? Printing comes in various forms, including t-shirt printing. Whether you are looking to printing t-shirts as promotional items

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Heat Pressed T-Shirt

The Endless Possibilities of a Heat Pressed T-Shirt

Do you have a great idea for a t-shirt design? Maybe you promised the family 25 matching shirts for your next reunion. Maybe you simply want a one-of-a-kind item for your closet to show off to your friends. Or maybe you

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instant print t shirts

How to Pick the Best Instant Print T Shirts for Your Logo

Branding is extremely important to your business. Even the little things matter. Much to everyone’s surprise, color improves brand recognition by up to 80 percent. Now imagine what a fully fleshed out logo can do for your branding. Though getting

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Direct to Garment Printing

What is Direct to Garment Printing?

Custom t-shirts are one of the best ways to advertise your business or commemorate an event.   But with the online custom t-shirt design business growing over the years, how can your tee stand out in the crowd? Everyone seems to have a “custom” shirt. 

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Custom Design T-Shirts

Top 5 Benefits of Custom Design T-Shirts for Your Business

Are you looking for a great way to make customers feel appreciated while continuously advertising for no more than the cost of printed shirts? Custom design t-shirts are perfect for the job. Custom t-shirts are a clever way to put

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banner printing

The Do’s and Don’ts of Custom Banner Printing

85% of customers say that they’re more likely to shop at a business if it has professionally printed like banners. And 4 out of 5 business owners agree that using printed materials helps their business. With technology making getting a printed banner cheaper and

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embroidered hats

Hats Off to You! Here’s Why Your Business Should Consider Embroidered Hats

Advertising your business isn’t just about posting your brand all over social media, or plastering your name on printed ads across the city. Another excellent way to market your business is through embroidered hats. You can use hats in a number

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How to Choose a Custom T-Shirt Printing Company

Cotton t-shirts are great for advertising your product. They’re also perfect for prize giveaways, company picnics, and team building. Although t-shirts were first worn only by men, now everyone enjoys them. Are you looking for a custom t-shirt printing company? If

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Embroidered vs Printed: Which is Better for Your T Shirt Design?

Do you ever go t-shirt shopping only to end up disappointed? There’s nothing worse than struggling through the crowded stores at the mall for that perfect t-shirt and then leaving empty-handed. Might as well make your own t-shirt, right? Well,

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Types of T-Shirt Printing Available Right Here in Austin, TX

Custom designed t-shirts can serve as free advertising tools for businesses, conversation starters, or a way to build comradery within a group. Depending on the complexity of your design, how many colors it needs, and how many shirts you’re ordering, you’ll

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Screen vs. DTG Tee Shirt Printing: Which is Best for Your Needs?

Are you ready to order your first batch of tee shirts but aren’t sure which kind you should get? Here’s a helpful guide on whether screen or DTG tee shirt printing might be best for your needs.

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5 Custom Tee Shirt Design Ideas to Get You Started in Austin, TX

Do you want to have tee shirt designs that catch and hold people’s interest? To help, here are 5 custom tee shirt design ideas to get you started in Austin, TX.

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The Pros and Cons of 5 Types of T-Shirt Printing

The Pros and Cons of 5 Types of T-Shirt Printing When it comes to t-shirt printing, there are a number of methods that can be used. We take a look at the 5 main types of t-shirt printing and

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5 Great Tee Shirt Design Tips

Are you in the market for a custom t-shirt design? Custom t-shirts can be a great way to market your business or a special event in your community. A t-shirt can be a valuable marketing tool because when someone wears

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