Bang On-Trend: 2019’s Top T-Shirt Trends to Keep an Eye On

Been there, done that, got the t-shirt? Not so fast. If you want to look sharp this year, you literally have a vested interest in being across the top t-shirt trends.

Clothes maketh the man (or woman), the old saying goes, and a custom designed t-shirt will make the ultimate ready-to-wear fashion statement. Strike a pose and vogue with these hot design ideas.

1. A Spirit of Adventure

Welcome to the world of pirate culture. Rope detail, pirate skulls, and mythical sea creatures are all de rigeur for this year. There’s a gothic theme going on here with these attention seekers.

The designs inspire excitement and adventure. Choose between embroidery or print to get maximum effect depending on the size of the design.

2. Something Abstract

Quirky, and fun geometric drawings are on the rise. They look great in primary colors. They’re perfect to make you stand out from the crowd. Go the extra step and create your own abstract design for a bright and original look.

3. Back to Nature

Care about the environment? Say it with your t-shirt because nature is ‘in’ this year. Plant textures, trees, and colorful floral designs are proving a big hit. Add in some vibrant butterflies or dragonflies and you’ll be wearing something right up to date.

If you’re a business wanting to reap the benefits of a custom designed t-shirt, then this pattern could be a perfect choice.

4. Flower Power Is Back!

This t-shirt design never ceases to go out of fashion. It looks great on both women and men. Remember Alexander McQueen’s complete floral look a few seasons back? Well, the design just carries on.

Romance is in the air with photo-real pictures of all types of flowers and blooms. This design is bold and colorful.

5. Our Feathered Friends

The vast array of feathers we see on birds are an artist’s dream when it comes to t-shirt designs. Exotic birds mean fabulous and exciting colors.

Think peacocks, and birds of paradise, for example. Prints can be intricate with a level of detail other designs can’t match.

6. Cartoons Are One of the Top T-Shirt Trends

Seeing your favorite cartoon characters on your t-shirt is going to make you smile. It’s also going to mean you’re right on the mark with the latest fashion trends. Comic characters will bring a humorous element to your t-shirt design.

7. Outrageously Weird

Want to look really different? Think bizarre because off-the-wall imagery is a big hit for 2019. If you like dark and macabre designs then you can really have fun wearing something strange. Skeletons and fishbones to the front of the line, please!

8. Feeling Groovy

Find your hippie side with some retro fronts and psychedelic colors. You can remember the swinging 60s with some fun, bright designs. Red, yellows, and pinks were and are all the rage.

Make a Statement with a Custom Designed T-Shirt

Once you’re across the top t-shirt trends for this year, you can become a true fashionista. Broaden your horizons with your own personal choice of design.

Find out more here about the different ways we can make your favorite artwork feature on your custom designed t-shirt.

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