An Easy Guide to Choosing the Right Instant Shirt Printing Company

Statistics show that in a year, approximately two billion t-shirts are purchased globally. People love t-shirts. From their comfort to their simplicity and ease in pairing with jeans or shorts, t-shirts are simply loveable.

If you are one of those people who likes to stand out, the commonality of t-shirts could put you off. But instant shirt printing allows you to change a plain boring t-shirt into eye-grabbing attire.

Print t-shirts could also come in handy during events such as fundraisers and promotions. They could add some excitement to the event while passing a message across.

When used as work-wear, they help build the company’s brand, strengthen culture, and are a great marketing tool. Every time someone wears the company’s t-shirt, they will be promoting its products and services wherever they go.

To reap these benefits of custom designed tee shirts, all you need is the right art or design, and the right individual or company to do it.

Here is how you can ensure that your t-shirt is printed right.

The right printing technology

The best company should possess the latest technology in printing that will create long-lasting designs on your garments. Whether you want many custom design t-shirts or complicated art designs, the quality of the instant shirt printing should remain high.

Variety of designs

Not everyone has the artistic skill to design an appealing piece of art. The right company will have a variety of designs you can choose. They should have a friendly team of experts, ready to help you choose the right design based on your needs and offer unbiased advice.


Picture having ordered custom designed tee shirts, caps, and banners for a marketing event, only to have them delivered later than the day they are needed. It is not just frustrating, but a waste of money. An instant shirt printing company that is willing to guarantee its products in terms of quality and timely delivery proves its commitment to customer satisfaction.


You need to be keen on the total cost involved in printing the garments. The right company will have no hidden fees. Enquire if the price mentioned covers the cost of purchasing the t-shirts, caps, or polos. What about transport? Will they ship the items to your location, and at what cost?

There are different ways in which the designer can carry out instant shirt printing.

Embroidered t-shirts

For a classic hand-made look, an embroidered tee shirt design does the trick. A team of experts will sew your design directly to your t-shirt using multicolored thread. The result is unique, custom design t-shirts.

Screen Printing

To get a screen printed t-shirt, the designers create a template of the desired design. This template is held in place by a blocking stencil, referred to as a screen. Ink is then flooded on the screen, allowing the t-shirt to get ink in the required pattern.

Direct to Garment

This is a type of digital printing that involves printing directly on the t-shirt using a textile printer. It works similarly to a paper printer, with the t-shirt taking the place of the paper. The direct to garment method is suitable for complex designs since the design is made from a computer and sent to the printer.

Heat Pressing

A heat pressed tee shirt is where a transfer paper is used for engraving the image to the t-shirt permanently using heat and pressure. A heat press machine is used to soften the dye on the transfer paper, which is spread out in the desired design, and the dye creates the image on the t-shirt.

You ought to explore various instant shirt printing techniques to create custom design t-shirts for your personal use, events, or as a promotional tool that you can give to your employees or loyal customers.

Ensure the company you choose to design your t-shirts is pocket-friendly, well-experienced in the different techniques of printing t-shirts, and can deliver as per your needs and specifications.

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