5 Tips for Designing Custom Banners

Over 71% of trade show attendees tend to remember the name of a business that gave them custom designed tee shirts, embroidered hats, or another form of promotional merchandise.

But before you can give away those screen printed tee shirts, you need a custom designed banner to draw attention to your trade show booth. To help you design the best custom printed banners possible, keep the following tips in mind when you speak with your designer or custom print shop representative.

1. Focus on Simplicity and Contrast

A custom designed banner should catch a customer’s eye and encourage them to walk over to learn more about your brand. To accomplish these goals, you have two general rules to follow: first, the design should convey all the right information in a simple design; second, the different elements of your design (including font, images, background color) should utilize contrast between one another so the banner is easy to read.

2. Use a Large Font

When you choose a font and text size for your custom designed banner, you need to think about how far away it will be from the people who need to read it. If your booth will be inside a small conference hall, people won’t be viewing it from too far away. As such, you can feel free to use a smaller font in order to put more information on the banner. On the other hand, advertising to the opposite side of a gymnasium a font that is large and easy to read. This means that you want a simpler design to let your text stand out. A good rule of thumb is to use 10 inches of letter height for every 100 feet of needed visibility.

Additionally, if people will be passing by in very close proximity to your banner but moving quickly, the text will still need to be as large (and as simple) as you can manage. Otherwise, they won’t have time to read it before the rest of the crowd pushes them along.

3. Maximize Color Impact

As mentioned previously, contrast is key. To make your custom designed banner as distinguishable as possible, choose colors that have maximum impact when used together. Common combinations like black on white and white on blue are used because they are simultaneously easy to look at and attention-getting.

4. Check Out Your Competition

There are a lot of booths to visit at a trade show, and some of them are bound to get ignored in all the excitement. To make sure yours isn’t one of them, you need your custom designed banner to stand out from the other signage at the event.

If you can, do some research on the other companies and the signs they use ahead of time. Look for patterns and similarities between the other booths’ banners in order to ensure yours stands out from the crowd. If you discover that there’s a general color scheme that everyone seems to stick to, choosing a contrasting color scheme can help your booth stick out.

5. Think About Your Banner’s Location and Backdrop

You should be able to visit the venue of the trade show before having your custom designed banner made. Along with checking out everyone else’s booths and promotional materials, you should inspect the space where your booth is going to be set up.

One thing to check on is the area behind your banner. If your booth is going to be up against a wall, what color is that wall? You will want to choose banner colors that don’t blend in with the environment so that people actually see you.

Finally, measure the size allowed for your booth to find out how wide your banner needs to be. The last thing you want is to show up with a banner that’s too big or small to fit.

With these tips, your banner will leave a positive impression of your brand on everyone who sees it.

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