5 Reasons Why Your Band Needs A Screen Printed Tee Shirt

Did you know the music merchandise industry is worth over $3 billion?

Whether it be apparel, posters, or limited edition vinyl pressings, your fans will want merchandise. Having trendy and high-quality items for sale is part of the secret to making it in the industry.

Still unconvinced a screen printed tee shirt is that important to have? Keep reading five reasons we think will change your mind!

1. Share Your Vision with Fans

What does your band stand for? You want your fans to understand and believe too, right?

Printing custom tee shirts let you give a piece of your ideology to fans in a wearable manner. Mantras to live by or quotes that have laid the groundwork for your band are great ideas.

Giving fans something like this lets them feel even more part of your world.

2. Endless Design Options

Shirts let you have massive amounts of creativity with designs. You can draw inspiration from lyrics and album art whenever you want.

You can also create something unique by incorporating textures, glow in the dark ink, or even glitter!

3. Affordable and Quick to Produce

We know, bands sometimes don’t have a huge merch budget, especially if they are just starting out. The good news is that screen printing shirt is more affordable than other methods like embroidery.

You can work on your designs to lower costs too. The fewer colors you use, the cheaper it will be.

Creating custom design tee shirts also takes less time than people think. Once you settle on a few designs, you are ready to start placing orders!

4. Collaborate for a Limited Edition Screen Printed Tee Shirt

Tee shirts are a great way to collaborate in a meaningful way. If you admire a specific designer, consider teaming up to create an unforgettable shirt design.

Want to give back and make money? Consider pairing up with a charity that aligns with your values and creating a limited edition shirt. Inform your fans that a certain percentage of profits will be donated to the charity in their honor.

The more hype surrounding a product the better. People will be more likely to buy if they believe there is a limited amount available.

5. A Walking Advertisement

One of the best things about a printed tee shirt is the marketing legwork they can do. Anyone who wears your band’s shirt suddenly becomes a walking billboard for your music.

Shoot for designs that are recognizable, distinct, and in line with your other merch. Eye-catching shirt designs will ensure people pay attention to your shirt and ask questions.

Time to Start Designing

It should now be clear that a screen printed tee shirt is an absolute must for any merch line up. A high-quality shirt will withstand the test of time and continue to bring your fans joy.

Regardless of how popular you currently are, a tee shirt plan is always a smart investment.

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