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5 Occasions That Can Benefit From Custom Design T-Shirts

While almost any occasion would be made better with laser engraved t-shirts, there are a select few events that can go beyond attendees’ expectations with the addition of this small detail. After all, custom design t-shirts can feature nearly any logo or design you desire. With this wide world of design possibilities, you may have a list of event ideas running through your mind. Discover the events that can make the most use out of custom screen printed t-shirts.


Whether you’re organizing a clothing drive to help those in need or running in a marathon to raise cancer awareness, a custom t-shirt can help inspire conversation about your worthy cause. When participants wear laser engraved t-shirts with the fundraiser’s name and artwork, they’ll also feel more involved in the event.

Anyone who sees a participant wearing one of these shirts will also immediately know what the event is. They might even be interested to ask the t-shirt wearer more about it. Any sponsors of the event will also love having their business names and logos on a shirt right next to the charitable cause.

Corporate Events

Much of the marketing world is focused on the digital side of things, but you shouldn’t forget the simpler strategies. Something as simple as screen printed or embroidered t-shirts can go a long way in advertising for your business. In fact, about 85% of consumers remembered advertisers who gave them a hat or a shirt.

Custom apparel not only helps your consumers remember your business, but they will wear this apparel in the outside world and inadvertently advertise your brand to countless others. You can use these custom shirts at corporate events such as trade shows, company picnics, networking nights, conferences, community festivals, and charity events.


There’s no better way to commemorate a reunion of people who haven’t seen each other in years, or even decades, than with a custom t-shirt. These shirts make great gifts for attendees at class reunions, family reunions, or even a reunion of friends you haven’t seen in a while. By providing laser engraved t-shirts at these events, you can make attendees feel closer to one another and help rebuild that connection they once had. The shirts will also serve as a great reminder of the fun time they had at the reunion once the party is over.

People love receiving things at an event. It makes them feel valued and gives them positive associations with the organization hosting the event. Contact Austin Instant Tee today to get started on the direct to garment printing process for the perfect t-shirts for your event.

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