5 Groups That Can Benefit From Custom Design T-Shirts

Custom design T-shirts are known to create a sense of unity and promote teamwork in a group. Whether you’re gearing up for your next big game or trying to bring a group of new coworkers together, here are five examples of ways that screen printed tee shirts and embroidered tee shirts can be used:

Sports Teams

Sports teams are an iconic example of a group that uses uniforms to promote unity, encourage teamwork, and distinguish themselves from other teams. Even if their uniforms do not include T-shirts, sports teams can still use custom design T-shirts for a range of other purposes.

For example, sports teams can use screen printed T-shirts while they travel to and from competitions. This can help coaches keep track of their team or promote a sense of pride wherever you travel. Sports teams can also use embroidered tee shirt designs to thank sponsors and promote the sponsors’ businesses.

Government Agencies

Whether you run an office for a local, state, or federal agency, custom design T-shirts can provide a slew of benefits for your employees. Embroidered tee shirt designs can be used for many purposes including a casual clothing option for “casual Fridays,” identification while traveling, or to commemorate agency get-togethers.

Furthermore, a police department can use embroidered T-shirts using the department’s logo as an alternate uniform that is more appropriate for outdoor summer events. This option still identifies the wearer as a member of law enforcement but encourages casual wear for increased levels of comfort during community fairs or carnivals.


A school is another organization that can benefit from a custom embroidered tee shirt design. Schools can use these tees as affordable uniforms for students and their families while working to promote unity among the students and staff. In some cases, this show of solidarity can reduce the bullying that arises from visible differences in socio-economic status. Moreover, staff can wear embroidered tee shirt designs to identify staff members among students and parents at special events.

Custom T-shirts can also be sold as fundraising items promote a school event and express the pride the students, families, and community feel about the school. Moreover, recognizing supporters and contributors in a visible way can also spark a phenomenon known as contagious generosity in which people behave more generously when they can see others’ acts of generosity.

Aside from school pride and recognition, there is a practical aspect to custom T-shirts as well. Over 90% of consumers keep a promotional product because it is useful, according to a survey by Identity Works.

Volunteer Groups

Volunteer groups, like search and rescue, animal rescues, and charities, can use embroidered tee shirt designs to promote their work. Moreover, volunteer groups can use custom T-shirt designs to identify volunteers so that those in need of assistance can quickly and accurately find them.

For example, during a food drive or clothing drive, donors are more likely to feel positive about the donation experience if it is easy for them to find a volunteer to accept the donation. Conversely, donors are more likely to leave without donating if donors have trouble finding a volunteer to accept the donation.


This example might be controversial, especially for teenagers. However, one way to show family togetherness is through matching custom T-shirts. The purpose might be for any of those described previously, such as engaging in a volunteer project as a family, bringing the family together for a sports competition, or supporting a family member in a time of need. Alternatively, it might be a family tradition to wear custom T-shirts at family reunions.

One practical example comes from guidebooks that recommend wearing matching shirts when traveling to amusement parks. If family members get separated or lost, it is easy to describe to security what the missing family member was wearing and easy for security to identify the missing family member.

Whether your group is a school, volunteer group, sports team, family, or government agency, custom T-shirts may provide many purposes. When you’re ready to invest in custom tees, rely on the quality products of Austin Instant Tee.

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