5 Great Tee Shirt Design Tips

Are you in the market for a custom t-shirt design?

Custom t-shirts can be a great way to market your business or a special event in your community. A t-shirt can be a valuable marketing tool because when someone wears it, they are a walking billboard for your business or event.

But to make the most of your custom t-shirt, you need to be sure you know how to design one that stands out to other people.

Read on to learn 5 great t-shirt design tips!

1. Know Your Target Market


Custom design tee shirts are an excellent way for you to reach with your target market in a special way.
Your target market is the segment of the population that your business or event is focused on appealing to.
Your t-shirts should resonate with your target market in a way that helps them connect with your business or event in a way that they would not otherwise.

2. Build Your Brand


A custom t-shirt can be an effective way for you to build your brand.
You can do this by incorporating your brand into the t-shirt through the shirt’s design, lettering, and color scheme, among other things.

Your brand is much more than just your company’s logo – it’s the combined marketing tool you use to connect your business with other people.

3. Be Creative


The best tee shirt design ideas use creative ideas that are truly one of a kind.

This helps your business stand out, or special event stand out from the competition. It’s important to remember that you can use a short message or a unique logo to create a lasting impression on your audience.

According to Microsoft, the average consumer has an attention span of just eight seconds! This means that you must make your shirts something that is memorable to a consumer who will not be looking at them long.

4. Include Contact Information


Your t-shirt design should also include the contact information for your business or event.

In today’s digital age, you cannot afford to miss out on the opportunity to include your company’s website and e-mail address.

That’s because your website is an effective place to market your business and create a positive impression on a potential customer.

Including your contact information on a t-shirt makes it easier for a consumer to jot down your information and get in touch with you.

5. Use Unique Color Schemes


A tee shirt design should use a unique color scheme to help make it more effective for your business.
According to a study by the Loyola University – Maryland, a company’s color scheme can help increase brand recognition by up to 80 percent.

This means you must take time to consider how the color scheme you use in a t-shirt’s design will appeal to your audience.

Wrapping Up: The Best T-Shirt Design Tips


Designing a memorable t-shirt can be challenging but following these tips can help you create the best design to fit your needs.

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