5 Custom Tee Shirt Design Ideas to Get You Started in Austin, TX

Everyone loves tee shirts! They can bring groups together or showcase a nonprofit. Tees have an immense marketing power. The secret is to have shirts that are interesting.

Do you want to have tee shirt designs that catch and hold people’s attention? Check out these five custom tee shirt design ideas to get you started in Austin, TX.

1. Schools and Universities

Show your school with custom designed tee shirts. This is probably one of the most popular ideas for tee shirts. From preschool to college, people love showing off their school spirit.

From football to cheerleading and everything in between. You will never run out of school tee shirt ideas. Ideas don’t stop with sports either. Kids will love starting their first day of school with a custom tee. “Little Miss 1st Grade” or “Class of 2019 Seniors”. The school custom designs are endless.

2. Clubs and Organizations

Clubs and organizations are always in need of cool shirt design ideas. Think school clubs, community organizations, fraternities, and sororities. Nonprofits also use tee shirts to promote their cause and to gain more attention.

It doesn’t stop at one design with these organizations. Often they put on events throughout the year, so different designs are always needed.

3. Events

Events are a great excuse for a fun tee shirt. Family reunions, bachelorette parties, and vacations make for awesome inspiration for tee shirts. Other events that need tee shirt designs:

  • 5K run/walks
  • birthday parties
  • pub crawls
  • neighborhood block parties
  • spring break
  • golf tournaments
  • summer camps

Selling tee shirts can raise money for fundraisers. Custom tees are a great way to market your special event.

4. Businesses

All businesses need great swag to give out to current customers and potential customers. A shirt design that showcases their business is a great way to show appreciation to customers as well as spread the word on their business.

Tee shirts are walking billboards so every business needs them to reach their target market. This is the perfect way to promote your business and keep your brand in the minds of prospective customers.

5. Government

Government organizations need tee shirts too. You can create great tee shirt designs for:

  • Police department
  • Fire department
  • EMS

Speaking of the government, during election time, candidates can create custom tee shirts to give out to voters. Shirts are a great way to promote a campaign and reach new voters without a lot of footwork. From local elections to the presidential elections, tee shirts are the perfect marketing tool.

Ready to Create a Custom Tee Shirt Design in Austin, TX?

Great ideas deserve great shirts. Whether for work, school, or play, you can showcase it all with a great shirt design.

We are committed to helping you create custom shirts that you will love. If you are ready to create a custom tee shirt design in Austin, TX, contact us today and we will be with you through the entire process.

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