3 Types Of Custom Designed Shirts And Which Is Best For Your Company

Most people enjoy getting merchandise from brands they love, and that includes promotional merchandise designed to sell the brand. In fact, consumers remember businesses who gave them a shirt or a hat about 85% of the time. That’s a lot of people with a lasting memory of your brand. You can capitalize on this growing trend by investing in custom designed tee shirts. Continue reading to see which type of shirt would be most appropriate for your company.

Screen Printed T-Shirt

A screen printed t-shirt has been put through a process where a design is applied in ink to a screen that is then applied to a t-shirt. This process works best with limited color ranges, but it is cost-effective for mass-produced numbers. If you need over 500 units of a simple design, say one or two colors, like a logo, a screen printed tee shirt may be the best option for you. However, screen printing can be used for more complex color palettes. It just may not be as suitable as some of the other methods.

Embroidered T-Shirts

Embroidered t-shirts have a design that is stitched onto the fabric. This can be done by hand or by machine, and that will be a determining factor in how much it costs to have embroidered t-shirts made. The designs can be made with a multitude of colors since you are using thread, and you are only limited by the available colors of thread. Mass-produced embroidery will cost less than hand stitched embroidery, but you can get intricate designs with both. Delicate care must be taken with embroidered garments, as the shirt can shrink and cause problems in the stitching.

Heat Pressed T-Shirt

With a heat pressed t-shirt, the design is created on the computer, then printed on special transfer paper using a special solvent ink. The design is then pressed onto the fabric to create a new t-shirt. This process is cost-effective yet time-consuming for mass-producing designs and it works with complex color palettes. You cannot layer a bunch of colors, and the garments are susceptible to fading. Heat pressing is, however, environmentally friendly. This is a great point to market to your customers.

Whether you’re having shirts made for a conference or having shirts made to send to your customers as a gift, one of these methods should work for your company. A screen printed t-shirt is your best bet for large orders, and a heat pressed t-shirt is your best choice for complex color palettes. Embroidered t-shirts are a good choice for professionals and people who don’t mind taking delicate care of a shirt. Contact us today for all your t-shirt needs.

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