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3 Reasons Why a Screen Printed Tee Shirt Is the Best Promotional Product

What is more familiar than a tee shirt? No matter who you are, you probably own a slew of custom designed tee shirts that represent something important to you, whether it be a place you traveled, a concert you attended, or a company you did business with. When your business gives out embroidered hats or instant print tee shirts as promotional products at trade shows, 71.6% of recipients remember the name of the company that gave them the product.
Here are three reasons why screen printed tee shirts continue to prevail as the best promotional product:


Have you ever wondered why that custom designed tee shirt from your family reunion five years ago is still in pristine condition? It’s because screen printed tee shirts are able to endure the roughness of any washer machine. Thus, the quality and vibrancy of the custom printed logo are preserved. After all, a shirt that remains in great condition continues to be worn. Each day that commemorative shirt is pulled from your closet or drawer is another opportunity to reconnect to that event.

Cost effective and Useful

Entrepreneurs and event organizers continue to utilize screen printed tee shirts as giveaway items to promote their initiatives because they can be produced in large quantities for affordable prices. And more importantly, consumers will actually keep them and wear them! In fact, the usefulness of a promotional product is often times the key factor for your customer to remember your brand. Identity Works found that 92% of consumers will keep your promotional product if they determine it to be useful. Who doesn’t love a shirt with a cool and unique design?

Brand Loyalty and Brand Awareness

Promotional shirts create moving billboards of teams, events, and brands. Often times, when you go out wearing the tee shirt depicting your favorite football team, you’ll end up in a conversation with a fellow fanatic. Should they enjoy the unique tee shirt design, your business might make another sale. As part of a growing trend, bars, and restaurants sell custom designed tee shirts and embroidered hats as a means to generate additional revenue, establish brand loyalty, and expand their reach.

Final Thoughts

To conclude, a screen printed t-shirt makes for the best promotional product. This is because people will actually make use of it and remember the person, event, or business that gave it to them. With a unique design or message, shirts have endless value! Contact Austin Instant Tee for more information today.

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