3 Reasons to Choose Embroidered T-Shirt Printing

Did you know that there are about two billion t-shirts sold worldwide every year? T-shirts are a versatile styling tool; after all, they can be dressed up or down. If you have ever thought about designing your own t-shirt, you may be surprised to learn that there are numerous printing methods you can choose from. If you want to print a classy design for a professional team, or if you want to create a new look that will stand out from competitors, you’ll want to try embroidered printing. Check out these three things to know about embroidered t-shirt designs.

It’s More Professional Looking

An embroidered t-shirt design is better suited in professional settings than heat pressed or direct to garment printing. It looks more polished and can give your team an elevated, upscale look. This is also the best printing method for polo shirts, which are perfect for office settings and business casual dress codes.

It’s Durable

Embroidered t-shirt designs are more durable than other printing methods. A more durable design will not only last longer, but it will keep the color quality for longer. This can save you money down the road as your investment will not need to be replaced as frequently. Think of embroidered hats for example. If you have ever owned or created one, you may have noticed that the embordering lasted longer than the hat did.

More Versatile Garment Options

Embroidered t-shirts come in a larger variety of garment options compared to heat pressed t-shirts. For example, it can be difficult to print your design or logo on fleece or some cotton materials. Embroidery, however, can go on more materials because it is threaded into the material instead of just pressed on top.

Final Thoughts

Creating an embroidered t-shirt design is an effective way to upgrade the appearance of team apparel. It looks great in professional settings, can outlast other printing methods, and you can even use it on a variety of materials. If you’re considering using this printing method, reach out to Austin Instant Tee today.

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